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Freedom from fear of needles

I recently received an email from a very happy teenager who I’d worked with to remove her fear of needles. Most fears and phobia’s can be unlearnt as quickly as they are learnt and so we removed her fear in just one session!  With kind permission I have reprinted the email below, omitting only the name for client confidentiality purposes –

Hey mark:) thankyou so soooo much for helping me! I dont feel scared anymore because i used your techniques and thought to myself that i need to get it done with and i needed to be brave to overcome my fear…and it worked! Before i felt like i was trapped in a bubble, and i needed to get out but it was very hard because everytime i tried to  be brave about it  my fear overtook and i just got upset and felt more trapped. So  after your help i realised that i needed to be confident and face my fear to overcome it………and now im free from the bubble!! 🙂 THANKS AGAIN 😀

(L, Oxfordshire)

If you are looking to free yourself from a fear of needles or injections please contact me at info@mind-solutions.co.uk or visit www.mind-solutions.co.uk for more information.

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